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Other reviews:

It was lovely having Lenka come to my house for a massage. She made it friendly and comfortable and professional. She has amazing techniques- especially with deep tissue and deep stretches during massage. She has brilliant skills! -J.G.

Thank you so much for the wonderful massage!  I’ve had many massages, but no therapist has ever been as knowledgeable as you or offered as much follow-up information.  -K.Z.

I’ve come to Lenka multiple times to fix my “student syndrome” – the tightness and pain in my shoulders and neck. Immediately after the massage I was able to stand up straight and move my muscles as they should. It’s more than just an hour of feeling good, it’s a delightful treatment for grumpy muscles. -N.M.

My massage with Lenka in my home exceeded my expectations. She was on time, set up her table quickly and had everything with her. She has a healing touch that was responsive to the pressure that is right for me. I could not have been happier with the experience and look forward to regular massage from Lenka in the future. -J.T.

Thank you again for the work you’ve been doing on me these last two months. I feel significantly better after every session! -J.B.

I feel so excited that I have found you-and coming to my home is especially wonderful. I can stay in my robe and have a quiet transition into the pace of life. That being said, to find a person who really understands the body and where the stress points are and knows how to work those areas to relieve the discomfort, is so important for me. I love your heated back pillow. That is a nice touch to enhance an already delicious experience. You are very attuned to the client and how much pressure you can exert. I have had hip problems for quite a while and I can truthfully say that you are superb. My hip feels so much better that I feel there is hope that I can overcome this problem without surgery. That is HUGE!  Thank you, thank you so much. I can’t wait for my next appointment.    -J.M.

The massage was fabulous! I noticed (and the people around me saw this too) that it gave me more energy and endurance. I felt so refreshed afterwards. I definitely want to make this a regular thing! -J.D.

I can’t tell you how wonderful I felt after your massage. I didn’t want to leave! Your information is so helpful and informative and I appreciate it so much. -F.N.

My hip feels way, way better today, unreal. It was a great massage! I had been enduring so much pain all this time. I truly feel 50 percent better, thank you! -T.A.

I have been getting massage treatments for over twenty years and I find Lenka to be one of the most effective massage therapists (if not THE most) who has worked on me to the point that I have been exclusively using her services for last two years. She listens to you and your body, and effectively addresses any possible issue, not to mention the great feeling and relaxation afterward. She knows a lot about the human body and muscle system, and how they work together, hence she can resolve tightness and issues resulting from sports to daily life chores.  One big difference about Lenka is that she is also experienced in aromatherapy as well as nutrition and body nourishment. In a way, seeing her helps her clients in an holistic way. -H.A.


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