Extra Precautions at LDR Massage to Help Ensure Your Health & Safety

Extra Precautions at LDR Massage to Help Ensure Your Health & Safety (based on recommendations of ABMP and the Oregon Health Authority):

The Day Before Your Appointment:
-A pre-screening checklist will be emailed with your appointment reminder, so please keep an eye out for this and fill it out as soon as you see it. Since this is required by the state, I will call or text if the form hasn’t been completed.

The Day Of Your Appointment:
-If you wake up the day of your massage not feeling well, PLEASE let me know right away. If you’re not sure 
but feel like you may be coming down with something, let’s reschedule to err on the side of caution. You will NOT be charged a cancellation fee, we’ll both have peace of mind, and others will thank you for keeping my office safer. 

-When you arrive, please wait in your car or outside until the WHITE SIGN (come in) is on the door.
 If the grey sign (in session) is on the door, please wait outside. 

-When the white sign is up, please put on a clean mask and come in (if you didn’t bring a mask, I’ll have one for you). 

-Next, a quick temperature check with an infrared thermometer*, and verify that the pre-screening answers still apply. 

-Come in, please wash your hands and set your things down in the seating area.

-Essential oils will still be available, but choosing which one you’d like will now be based on using individual test strips or choosing a past favorite (no direct inhalation from bottles).

-I will be wearing a mask throughout each appointment (a clean one for each client). As per OHA, it’s recommended that clients wear a mask throughout the session, except when face down on the massage table. There’s a hook on the massage table (disinfected between clients, of course) to store your mask while you’re face down or you can tuck it under your chest if you’d prefer.

-The full checklist of my cleaning procedures are posted in the office, so you can be confident that nothing was missed.

-The arrangement of the room has changed to better accommodate all of these protocols. 

-All appointments are scheduled 1 hour apart, to allow for thorough cleaning & disinfection. 

-I’ve invested in a quality HEPA filter with UV-C light and silverscreen technology that adds another layer of protection. And the building HVAC has also been upgraded in all offices.

-All surfaces, tools, linens are cleaned/disinfected/replaced between appointments. I use a medical grade disinfectant approved by the EPA for COVID-19. 

-As always, all linens are washed and dried on hot settings. When folding/putting away, all cleanliness standards are followed (mask, handwashing, clean surfaces, etc). In the office, linens are stored behind cabinet doors in separate bags (basically, a kit for each massage: sheets, face cradle cover, blanket, towels). A clean apron/smock is worn for each appointment.

*Anyone with a temp above 100.3 degrees will need to reschedule until they are free of fever and other symptoms (without medication) for at least 72 hours. I will also be checking my temperature each morning, and will notify scheduled clients asap if I need to stay home. 

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