wppicHi there, I’m Lenka. I’m assuming you’ve landed on this page because you’re interested in receiving massage, and are wondering if I’m the right massage therapist for you. If that’s the case, allow me to tell you a bit about myself, my approach and the type of clients I work with:

I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist in the Portland area for the last 17 years, specializing in effective bodywork for those dealing with chronic pain, repetitive stress and knotted up, tense muscles. I am a graduate of East West College of the Healing Arts here in Portland, and my background has been working in the spa industry as well as in a chiropractic setting. I am known for excellent deep tissue work that is effective, relaxing and integrated (see reviews here and also here)

My office is located in Milwaukie in the Lake Road Medical Building, at 6542 SE Lake Road, Milwaukie 97222.

I work with a variety of clients:

  • people with desk jobs
  • people with physically demanding jobs
  • parents of young kids
  • weekend warriors
  • people dealing with stressful situations
  • frequent travelers
  • hairstylists
  • dental professionals
  • firefighters/police officers
  • nurses/caregivers
  • bodyworkers
  • drivers
  • chronic pain/fibromyalgia patients
  • headache/migraine sufferers
  • people focused on staying healthy, active & mobile
  • people with chronic areas of tension/pain/knotted up muscles

 *I am currently not set up to offer pregnancy massage, but can gladly refer you to local LMT’s that specialize in prenatal massage.

My style of massage can be described as focused, intuitive, deeply relaxing and slow enough to allow the tissues to “melt down” at their own pace. I approach problem areas from several angles, and use whatever techniques will work best for your body. I’m able to quickly zero in on the problem areas, and use effective techniques to encourage the muscles to relax and the body to move in a more fluid motion.

I’m one of those picky people when it comes to massage. This is a good thing for my clients because I pay attention to detail, treating you the way I would want to be treated. As a “spa trained” massage therapist, I enjoy bringing part of that world into your treatment. This may include aromatherapy, warm steamy towels, comfy linens, bolsters/pillows to support your body, a table warmer (if you’d like), and of course using quality products that are good for your skin. I’m always striving to improve the massage experience. My goal is that clients experience massage not only as a wonderful way to de-stress and unwind tight muscles, but also as an investment in their health.

I am also big on client education–I love to pass along useful tips and great resources for self care between massages. Working with me gives you the added bonus of my training in the field of nutrition and wellness, since I’m also a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Although I no longer see nutrition clients (in order to focus my energy on my massage practice), I stay current with the information and am happy to pass along some general tips and resources to my massage clients, or referrals to trusted colleagues for those who’d like to work with a nutrition professional at a deeper level. The role of inflammation, dehydration, and lack of nutrients in the diet (among other things) can play a big part in chronic pain, tension and the healing/repair process. I’m a big believer in using the best information and resources, and empowering yourself to take care of your body the best way you can.

Thanks for visiting my site!

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